Very frequent players

Our Very Frequent online casino Players (VFPs) get paid to play poker. It works simply: you play with your own money and you're paid one-and-a-half big blinds of whatever Hold 'Em or Omaha game (one-and-a-half small bet sizes in Stud) game you play per hour. For example, play in $6/12 Hold 'Em would pay $9/hour.

There's more! All VFPs who play 10 hours in a week are eligible to enter two $500 freeroll tournaments the following week. GamesGrid also offers special promotions to our most active VFPs.

Here are the caveats:

  • You have to play at least 10 hours per week (from Monday through Sunday) to qualify for VFP payment. Once you do, you're paid for the exact amount of time you played (e.g. if you played 15 hours and 10 minutes, you're paid for 15 hours and 10 minutes) during that week.

  • You may play at more than one table at a time and your pay is multiplied accordingly.

  • The amount you can earn is capped at $12/hour per table (e.g. $10/20 Hold 'Em pays $12/hour, not $15/hour).

  • You are paid directly to your GamesGrid account weekly.

  • You are playing under the invitation of GamesGrid. This means that you must act as a good poker citizen on the 'Grid. Abusive behavior of any type is grounds for being removed from the program.

  • VFP payment applies to ring games only, not tournaments.

  • You must be dealt cards to qualify as playing for that hand. Time sitting out does not earn a VFP payment.

  • VFPs are eligible for deposit bonuses and affiliate referrals.

  • We reserve the right to change these rules and VFP membership at any time.
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VFP program membership is limited. We are currently accepting a few new VFPs every day, so sign up now and you may get VFP privileges in the near future. Active players, those who bring their friends, and those who create a friendly environment for others are most likely to be admitted to the VFP program first.

Apply to the VFP program.

Current Promotions
RGP Open
NOW THROUGH NOV 6th. Play in the annual WSOP-style event sponsored by online poker forum 20 separate events, plus dozens of satellites.

$5400 Forum Challenge Freeroll
SPONSORED BY TOPPAIR MAGAZINE. Bring your poker discussion group to the Forum Challenge. Win real money for yourself and your forum.

1000% Bonus
THE BIGGEST DEPOSIT BONUS IN THE WORLD! 1000% Bonus on your first deposit, up to a maximum of $5000.

Refer a friend
FREE CASH! Tell your friends and family about GamesGrid and get paid when they play on the money tables.