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Gamesgrid the place to be to play online backgammon with professionals!
Online backgammon for real money in backgammon tournaments and backgammon leagues. 
1vs1 play, money games, and matches.

Test your skills against one of our backgammon bots, like GGforever, GGraccoon, GGweasle, and many more.
If you love backgammon, Gamesgrid is the perfect place for you.

Unfortunately, Gamesgrid backgammon is not available for games at time moment.
However, feel free to surf this website and read everything you want to know about:

- Backgammon,
- Backgammon Rules
- Backgammon Strategy
- Backgammon Glossary
- Backgammon frequently asked questions
- Lessons on how to play Backgammon
- and many many more...

How to play Backgammon?

Are you interested in learning the game of backgammon?
You are at the right place!
Learn backgammon from the pros and learn all you need to know about dice probability, checker play, primes, back games and you name it.
Study the game and try to climb on the leaderboard based on our advanced rating system.

At Gamesgrid you will find everything you need to know to become backgammon professional.
Read the FAQ and extensive game rules and play backgammon like a pro.

Why Gamesgrid Backgammon was the best backgammon online?

Gamesgrid was the best backgammon to play Backgammon with friends and strangers all over the world.
There were many functionalities and competition in the form of:
- Leagues
- Tournaments
- Cups
- Jackpots
- Bot play
- and much more

Best Backgammon online server

Although it's already more than 10 years ago that Gamesgrid closed their online backgammon server.
If it was online today it would still be the best.

There are many places where you can play backgammon online nowadays but they all have their flaws. 
Backgammon Live is by far the busiest server and their software is beautiful, but we have a strong suspicion that the dice are rigged.
Besides that, you cant chat with your opponent, the game rules are not correct (you can start with a double for example) and you cant participate in tournaments or leagues. 
They claim to have over 10 million players which is an instance amount for backgammon. 

We only can imagine how many players Gamesgrid would have had by now if they would have kept focussing on their backgammon platform. 

Download Backgammon

Underneath you see the original text of this website. Just as part of the museum :-)

Enjoy classic games with players around the world!
Play backgammon, nackgammon, and more backgammon!
Make new friends! Learn from the backgammon experts!
You could be playing in just a few minutes.

It's as easy as ...
1. download our free backgammon software
2. sign up for a free account
3. play backgammon

Members have more fun find out why!

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