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All tournament times can be found in the NEWS. Current monthly and weekly standings may be found at the link for each tournament site.  GamesGrid membership is required for all Daily Tournaments.

Any suggestions, ideas or concerns should be directed to DailyGames or send an email to the .

Be sure to join the entire Tournament Staff for Wild and Wacky Wednesday's!  Double points are awarded for all regular tournaments except the TripleThreat. 

  • Please remember that the tournament hosts are volunteers who donate their time and enjoy helping make the grid a fun and competitive place for all. Your patience and respect is appreciated.


General Rules of the Daily Games

  • Any rules that apply to a specific backgammon tournament are listed on that tournament page and will be used in conjunction with the following General Rules. 
  • The Tournament Rules and Procedures cannot, and should not regulate all possible situations that may occur during a game.  No set of rules should deprive the Daily Games Leaders of their freedom of judgment or prevent them from finding a solution that is fair and compatible with the circumstances of a particular case.  Please email the with any questions or comments.
  • By signing up for a tournament, each player agrees to play by all the rules of the Daily Games and agrees to follow instructions provided by the hosts. 
  • All players must be ready to play when they sign in.
  • Intentional delaying of the starting the match or finishing the match by any player will lead to immediate disqualification.
  • All matches are to be rated unless otherwise agreed upon by both players.  It is up to the invitee to read the invitation and accept or change it.
  • All matches are to be played under Crawford rule only.
  • Wins are to be reported promptly to the tournament host after each match.
  • Premature or false reports of wins may lead to an immediate forfeiture.
  • All tournaments are single elimination format.
  • One re-entry per player, per tournament, per computer until the tournament is filled.  Your current match must be completed and you must be back on the matchboard before requesting a re-entry.  An asterisk (*) by a player's name indicates a reentry.
  • No player shall be allowed to enter under more than one nickname per any one tournament.  Violation will cause immediate forfeiture of all nicknames and the player involved may be banned from daily tournaments for a period of time at the discretion of the Daily Games Manager.
  • If connection to the Grid is lost, a player will have 5 minutes to reconnect or be disqualified from the tournament.  Players who are connected although not responding will have 2 minutes to respond to the host, their opponent or start the tournament match. If after 2 minutes, there is still no response, the player can be forfeited from the tournament.
  • If there is a disagreement on which player will send the invitation, the player listed first on the bracket must invite.  A player refusing to invite may be forfeited.
  • All tournament matches should be recorded.
  • Players are not allowed to play matches outside the tournament brackets. This includes playing bots and/or playing on GamesGrid another server. Any player doing so may be disqualified from the tournament by the host.
  • All players must be ready to play when the brackets are posted.  If a player is in a match when the brackets are posted, please exit in a timely fashion.  If an opponent objects to an unfinished match, the player involved will be disqualified from the tournament.
  • If two players have an unfinished match with each other, open a chat with tournament host.  They will provide suggestions on how to proceed.
  • If a tie occurs at the end of the playing period, the players involved will be notified immediately using the GamesGrid message system by DailyGames, the Daily Games Manager.  The players will have 24 hours from notification to play the tie breaking match.  This match should mirror the tournament in which the tie occurred.  The players should schedule their matches and notify the Daily Games Manager, DailyGames using the GamesGrid message system.  The message should include the date and time of the match.  The winner should report the results to DailyGames using the GamesGrid message system.  If the match is not played by the deadline, the player who has attempted contact with the other player will win the tie breaker.  If the match is not played by the deadline and both players have attempted to schedule the match or neither player has attempted contact, a random draw will used to decide the winner of the tie.
  • A player may be entered in only one Daily Games tournament at a time (backgammon or gin).  They must finish the ongoing tournament and will be immediately removed from the second tournament.
  • All tournament matches must be finished at the time of the next match.  A refusal to resume and finish a tournament match may result in the player involved being banned from daily tournaments for a period of time at the discretion of the DailyGames, the Daily Games Manager.
  • Rude or abusive behavior during the tournaments will not be tolerated and may lead to the immediate disqualification.  Continuous complaints of a player's behavior may result in that player being banned for a period of time at the discretion of DailyGames, the Daily Games Manager.
  • Once a match is in progress, neither player may use mechanical or written aids, i.e., Jellyfish, Snowie, or backgammon books to assist in the play of the match.  In addition, neither player may receive assistance from another person in the play of the match.  Violation of any of these will result in an automatic forfeit of the match.  Spectators must remain silent while observing a match.
  • All tournament matches will be kept public.  The host should be notified of any problems with watchers during the tournament match.
  • Spectators have no right to comment on plays.  Players may request the tournament host to bar one or more spectators from watching their matches.
  • Anyone who misrepresents their account in a Daily Games Tournament will risk forfeiture from that tournament, as well as suspension from Daily Games.
  • If a player is disqualified in a tournament, that player may not re-enter the same tournament.
  • All grievances should be directed to the .

Prize Information and Eligibility

  • A valid Internet Provider (IP) email address is required to claim all GamesGrid prizes.

  • Publicly available computers (i.e. internet cafe) are not eligible to win GamesGrid prizes.

  • Any person wishing to claim a prize must have the current version of the GamesGrid client.

  • GamesGrid prizes are awarded to players who are in good standing within the community.

  • In order to claim a GamesGrid sponsored prize, a player must be eligible to win that prize.  Gamesgrid maintains the right to determine eligibility regarding all GamesGrid issued prizes.

  • Prizes are not transferable.  This includes all non-GamesGrid tournaments and leagues as well as Gamesgrid sponsored tournaments.

  • Prizes won from Daily Game Tournaments are for the benefit of good Gridizens only.  Any player found to be boosting or cheating in any form, will not be allowed to collect a prize for a period of 30 days after the indiscretion.

  • If any player who is using a prize membership and is cited for cheating or boosting, will the the membership terminated.

Suggestions for all tournament players:

  • If you are unable to find your opponent on the matchboard, there are several things you can do before opening a chat to the tournament host.  Please use the invite button on the toolbar and type the opponents name in, open a chat to the opponent or adjust your matchboard filter.  The whereis command (/whereis nickname) may also be used. 

  • If your opponent is not connected or disconnects during the match, please notify the tournament host immediately. 

  • Please turn on your shout messages during the tournament.  The tournament host will post brackets and messages throughout the tournament. 

  • Report each win to the tournament host once the match is completed. 

  • You must be on the matchboard to ask for a re-entry. 

  • Please avoid unnecessary messages to the host (including smiley faces and ty's), as this may delay the posting of the brackets.

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