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 I get a "nickname does not exist" message. What should I do? 
Try again, and be sure that you are typing your nickname correctly.

Inactive backgammon guest accounts are deleted on a regular basis. (Member accounts are never deleted.) Send an e-mail to verify that the account exists.

 I get a "cannot connect to database" message. What should I do? 
The GamesGrid login service may have lost connection to the database and cannot verify your nickname and password. GamesGrid staff monitors the servers, and they have probably already been notified and are working to resolve the problem. Wait a few minutes, and try again.

 I get a "host not found" message. What should I do? 
The internet is made more user-friendly by allowing you to reach services by name (for example, rather than by Internet Protocol (IP) address (for example,

This message means that your computer cannot resolve the service name into the IP address. This is a problem with Domain Name Services (DNS), which supplies the mapping data. If you can reach other internet addresses by name, but not the GamesGrid login service or our website, then your DNS server cannot resolve our domain name. You should contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and ask them to help you.

If you cannot reach any internet addresses by name, then you should contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and let them know that you cannot resolve any domain name.

 I get a "connection timed out" message. What should I do? 
Wait a few minutes, and try again. Network connectivity problems occur occasionally. Usually they are resolved quickly (the network administrators like their networks to be available to traffic). If network connectivity problems persist, use ping and traceroute to help isolate the source of the problem.

 I cannot get connected. What should I do? 
Check that the service is online. The GamesGrid server status page has up-to-date information. Send an e-mail if problems persist.

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