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 How do I move my checkers? 
Checkers may be moved in two different ways: click or drag. To move a checker by clicking: First, select single-click or double-click from Options/Backgammon Board/Play Options in the main menus. Then single- or double-click on a checker to move it. If it is the first checker moved this turn, it will move the number of pips on the larger die, unless that move would be illegal, in which case it moves the number of pips on the smaller die. Hold down the Shift key, then click on the checker, to force moving the smaller number first.

To drag a checker: Click down on the checker, drag it to the target point, and release the mouse. Illegal moves are not allowed; the checker will return to its starting point.

Remember that just like over-the-table rules, your play is not complete until you pick up the dice. Click on the dice to pick them up.

 How do I take back a move? 
Drag the checker back to its starting point, or click on the Undo Move button in the toolbar, or use Ctrl-Z to send the checker back. Use Ctrl-Z multiple times to send more than one checker back.

 How do I double? 
Click on the cube, or click on the Double button in the toolbar, or right-click and select Double.

 Why can't I double? 
If you were the last player to double, the cube is owned by your opponent, and you cannot double.

If you are playing with the Crawford rule, and you or your opponent reached one point from the end of the match at the conclusion of the last game, then the Crawford rule is in effect, and you cannot double until the next game (assuming that the match isn't won at the end of the current game).

If you are playing a one-point match, or both players are one point away from winning the match (DMP), then the cube is dead, and you may not double. Remember that in match play, you get no extra credit for winning more points than are necessary to win the match.

 How do I resign? 
When you are in a hopeless position playing backgammon, you may resign rather than continue to play. Right-click and select Resign when it is your turn. Of course, you should resign the correct number of points to reflect the situation a gammon or backgammon if appropriate.

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