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 How do I resume a game? 
Except in the case of data lost in system crashes, interrupting games are automatically recorded on the GamesGrid server. Unfinished online backgammon matches are listed in Match History, in the Unfinished Matches section. If you are disconnected while playing a match, most players will wait a few minutes for you to reconnect and resume.

To resume, click on the player's nickname, and use the Invite menu item, or double-click and select Invite in the pop-up menu. Then select Resume in the dialogue box. The match will continue from the previous position.

 My opponent won't resume. What should I do? 
Courtesy and fair play require that you and your opponent try to resume your match, and that the match be completed in a reasonable time. If your opponent refuses, talk with a sysop online; they will talk with the player and try to get them to agree to resume.

Unfinished matches are subject to Automated Match Resolution if not completed by the players in a timely manner.

 What is Resume-Only? 
In order to be fair to their opponents, players with 8 or more unfinished matches are set to Resume-Only status. They may only resume unfinished games.

 What is Automated Match Resolution? 
Automated Match Resolution is a method for assigning rating adjustments for unfinished matches. GamesGrid uses the high-level robots GnuBG and GnuBG to evaluate the match-winning chances (MWC) of each side, and assign fair proportional rating changes based on that evaluation. In addition, AMR accounts for rating differences between the players. See the AMR description for more information.

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