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Do you have what it takes to be a GamesGrid tournament host?

Be a part of the team that makes the GamesGrid the best game club on the planet!

The GamesGrid Daily Games Tournament hosts are volunteers, chosen from community members who exemplify the values of the GamesGrid community: friendliness, sportsmanship, and a love of backgammon. They are the hosts of the free tournaments in the GamesGrid community and spend their time hosting so that the GamesGrid community may enjoy a competitive and fun environment.

 Reporting Relationships 
GamesGrid Daily Games hosts report to the Daily Games Tournament Manager, or the Daily Games Leaders in the Manager's absence. The Daily Games Manager reports directly to the Community Leader.

As the behavior of the Daily Games hosts directly influences the tone and nature of the tournaments, the Daily Games hosts are expected to be model citizens, to display exemplary service, and to maintain a professional attitude at all times, whether "on duty" as a host, or "off duty" using a personal account.

Daily Games hosts will respond to every member inquiry courteously and in a timely manner.

Daily Games hosts are responsible for utilizing the GamesGrid Staff Bulletin Board for the purpose of checking the schedule, messages and other tournament related issues.

The GamesGrid host is a volunteer position held by active members of the GamesGrid community. Although there is not a required number of tournaments that a host must run during a week, the commitment of being on time is required and expected.

 Knowledge, Skill and Abilities 
A Daily Games Host must be proficient in the navigation of the GamesGrid site and the use of all GamesGrid software.

A Daily Games host must be proficient in with basic Windows applications.

A Daily Games Host must be proficient in the navigation of the corporate site and is responsible for knowing the information on all pages contained within.

A Daily Games host must be an expert in the Daily Games Rules for backgammon and gin.

A Daily Games host must have the ability to develop and maintain effective working relationships with a wide variety of on-line clients and co-workers.

A Daily Games host must have the capability to work independently and perform effectively without direct supervision.

A Daily Games host must have the ability to exercise authority effectively using appropriate levels of intervention as defined in the GamesGrid policies and procedures.

All Daily Games host must be able to effectively address and resolve tournament issues issues with members in a courteous and impartial manner, in accordance with training received through the GamesGrid Daily Games Host Training Course and in keeping with the GamesGrid Community Standards, Code of Conduct and policies and procedures.

Daily Games hosts are motivated by their desire to contribute to GamesGrid in a personal way. They assist in keeping GamesGrid the best backgammon club anywhere for the benefit of all the players, members and guests.

GamesGrid will provide all training materials and instructional classes needed to effectively host a tournament.

Daily Games hosts earn points towards membership with each tournament hosted.

 Other Requirements 
Each host is required to attend and complete the Daily Games training group course and one-on-one training with the instructors. Trainees are also required to manually host tournaments before hosting tournaments unassisted. Course material, training and support is offered by GamesGrid.

Behavior determined inappropriate by the Daily Games Manager or Community Leader will result in sanctions, which could include removal of hosting status and revocation of the GamesGrid accounts and suspension of playing privileges.

 Contact Information 
For additional information, or to request an application to become a GamesGrid Daily Host, please send e-mail to .

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