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Do you have what it takes to be a GamesGrid sysop?

Be a part of the team that makes the GamesGrid the best game club on the planet!

GamesGrid is looking for bright, energetic community members interested in sharing their enthusiasm for backgammon and knowledge of the GamesGrid site, with players from around the world. Sysops are the guardians of our community. They are chosen from community members who exemplify the values of the GamesGrid community: friendliness, sportsmanship, and a love of backgammon.

To be considered for a sysop position, an applicant must be an active member in good standing in the community, possess a working knowledge of the GamesGrid software, and be willing to train in community support and technical support positions. The sysop position requires superior communication skills, strong customer service orientation, and an ability to mediate disputes in an impartial way. All sysop candidates are required to complete the GamesGrid Sysop Training Course, followed by a probationary period of online, on-the-job training in community issues and technical support issues. There is also additional periodic tech support training.

We welcome sysop candidates from all countries and time zones. Members who would like to become a part of our fast growing team are invited to send E-mail to Gabriella, Community Leader, at .

Volunteer positions are for adults over 21 years old. Sysop volunteers are asked to make a commitment of 15 hours per week to online community support.

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