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 What is GamesGrid? 
GamesGrid is the most advanced online game community on the Internet. Our multi-user chat and 3D graphics contribute to a realistic game-playing experience, comparable to a real-world private club. GamesGrid is implemented through a software program that you download to your computer.

 Is GamesGrid free? 
GamesGrid offers free guest accounts, and fee-based memberships. Members have access to advanced features, and maintain ratings.

 What games can I play? 
GamesGrid supports many variants of poker, backgammon, and gin rummy. See the game-specific FAQs for details. Members may play any of these games for money, by opening an E-Jackpots account.

 What kind of activities are there? 
In addition to meeting and chatting with your friends, there are free tournaments around the clock, daily jackpots, monthly free and money tournaments, free lessons, and frequent special events. When online, look at News for a list of current activities and links to more information. News is found under the View menu.

 Does GamesGrid have a code of conduct? 
GamesGrid is a friendly meeting place for people of all nations, races and creeds. Our published Community Standards provide the best environment for all players to enjoy. Our community leader, Gabriella, is assisted by a staff of volunteer Sysops and Guides, who are here to help all players get the most from GamesGrid.

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