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 How do I edit my player information card? 
The easiest ways to edit your player information card are:
  • Select View/Player Info from the main menus.

  • Right-click on your name in the lobby player list and select Player Info from the pop-up menu.

  • Type /info yourNickname in any chat area.
Select the Edit Personal tab at the top of the page. Edit the fields on the form, then select the

button at the top of the page. The new version of your information page will be displayed.

 I cannot edit my player information card. What should I do? 
There are several things that are required in order to protect your player information from unauthorized changes:
  • You must be logged in.
  • You must configure Microsoft Internet Explorer (MSIE) to accept cookies.

 How do I upload my picture? 
View your player information card (see above). Select the Picture tab at the top of the page and follow the instructions.

Your picture should be in GIF or JPG format. The maximum picture size is 40Kbytes.

If the upload is unsuccessful, Send the picture via e-mail to and ask that it be uploaded.

GamesGrid reserves the right to not accept, or to later delete, material that is inconsistent with our community standards. See the Community Standards for guidance.

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