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 What is a peering point? 
A peering point is the connection between two network providers (for example, between and Peering allows very fast and (usually) high-quality connectivity between the two peered partners. Our provider maintains multiple peering points, so that traffic can seek alternate paths to them. Users from different major networks will use different paths to get to HE, and go through different peering points.

If a peering point is having problems, all users routed through that point will experience problems, such as dropped packets and very high transfer rates. (These problems may also occur for users routed through a saturated part of the Internet. A tracert will show where the problems are occurring.)

 The problem is at a peering point. What should I do? 
If repeated tracert attempts indicate a problem at a peering point, we can help. Please notify a sysop or engineer online, and we will verify the problem and notify the appropriate Network Operations Center (NOC). Often, a peering problem can be resolved in just a few minutes by rebooting a router. Of course, if a problem is more significant, it may take longer to resolve.

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