Rules of Seven-Card Stud

Studs many betting rounds, dependence on memory as well as observation, and unique blend of public and private information, allow for strategic play of the highest order. Every player receives seven cards in total (four face-up; three face-down) from which to make the best five-card hand.

Order of play

  1. All players ante.

  2. Each player is dealt two hole cards face down, and one door card face up. (Your hole cards will appear face-up on your screen, but no one else can see them. We promise.)

  3. There is a round of betting, started by the bring-in.

  4. Each player is dealt another card, face-up (fourth street).

  5. There is a round of betting.

  6. Each player is dealt another card, face-up (fifth street).

  7. There is a round of betting.

  8. Each player is dealt another card, face-up (sixth street).

  9. There is a round of betting.

  10. Each player is dealt another card, face-down (the river).

  11. There is a final round of betting. (That's a lot of betting!.)

The best five-card hand wins the pot. If two or more players show the same best hand, the pot is split between those players.

Pride shows Trip Kings (Kd, Kh, Ks, Ac, Qh) but loses to Greed's Straight (3s, 4c, 5d, 6h, 7s).

Seven Card Stud is offered only in Fixed Limit structure. The first two betting rounds are at the lower limit; the last three rounds are at the higher limit. However, if any player shows an open pair on fourth street (second betting round), then all players have the option of betting at the lower or higher limit. Once one player bets at the higher limit, all subsequent bets and raises must continue at the higher limit as well.

Seven Stud is offered High-Low Split (8), as well as High Only. And then there is Razz-Seven Stud Low Only (no qualifier). Razz is a tough game, compared to chess almost as frequently as it is compared extreme physical torture. Enjoy.
Hold 'Em
Omaha High-Low Split
Seven-Card Stud
Seven-Card Stud High-Low (8)
2-7 Triple-Draw Lowball  

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