Playing on a Game Table

  1. Title Bar: Table name and stakes.

  2. Exit Table: When you're ready to leave, click here. Note that your chips are not available for play at another table until the current hand has ended.

  3. Buy Chips: This is how you bring money to the table. Also see Deposits / Withdrawals, Table Stakes, Min/Max Buy-In.

  4. Sit Out: Take a break from the game while keeping your seat at the table. You're allowed to sit-out for three orbits of the dealer marker, or ten minutes, whichever is more.

  5. Help: Links to this page, game rules, the FAQ and Web site Backgammon.

  6. Chat window: Comments by players, observers, and dealer. Radio buttons turn player and observer comments on and off. By clicking, the dealer's chat cycles through verbose (green l.e.d.) announces all player actions, cards dealt, and hand outcomes; succinct (yellow l.e.d.) announces cards and outcomes only; and silent (no l.e.d.) useful for following player conversation.

  7. Chat input: Type comments to all players and watchers. (Emoticons provided at no extra charge.)

  8. Your Cards: Face up on your screen only.

  9. Community Cards: (Hold'em, Omaha, and variants.)

  10. Center Pot: Show me the money! Text value refers to center pot only. Total amount on the table is displayed upper left.

  11. Player Bets: These join with center pot once the current betting round is completed.

  12. The Rake: The amount that goes to the house on every hand in money ring games. You earn frequent player points for every amount raked.

  13. Dealer Wedge (Often referred to as "Button" on less innovative sites): Points to the designated dealer.

  14. Player Icon: Shows stack size (on this table). Bathed in ethereal light when the time comes to act.

  15. Bet Bar: Displays most recent action (bet, call, raise, fold, or all-in) and dollar amount.

  16. Betting controls: Call, raise, or fold. Use the slider to specify an amount at Pot Limit or No Limit stakes.

  17. Play preferences: Auto-muck your losing hands, or give yourself the option of showing your cards to the table, by switching it off. Automatically post blinds. Turn this button on to speed up the game and to keep your table-mates from going mildly insane. Turn it off if you want to leave the table next time it's your turn for the big blind.

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