At GamesGrid, you'll find tournaments of all shapes and sizes — big tournaments, small tournaments, Hold'em tournaments, Dealer's Choice tournaments, early starts, late starts — you name it, we're probably running it. But we also know that tournaments are always a little sweeter with some extra sugar, and that's why we offer thousands of dollars in freerolls, money-added tournaments, and guaranteed prize pools every month. Check out some of the highlights below, or download our software to view our complete tournament schedule.

Weekly Player Reward $2K Freeroll

Here at GamesGrid, we're all about giving back to our players, so we've set up a weekly freeroll to reward valued players like you. The field is small, the prize pool is large, and the entry is the sweetest of all numbers: free.

Every Sunday at 2pm EST, GamesGrid Poker hosts a High Roller Weekly Freeroll. You can match up against your fellow GamesGridders in a No Limit Hold'em battle for pride, bragging rights, and, of course, cash money. How much? Two thousand dollars.

All you have to do to qualify is play a small amount of raked hands during the week and you'll be eligible to register for this one-of-a-kind tournament. To get full info on qualifying, log in to GamesGrid and then click on the Tournaments tab in the main lobby. Scroll down the list until you see the Player Reward $2K. Double click there and you'll find everything you need in the tournament lobby. And remember, the more hands you play at our tables, the more chips you get to start. Good luck and we'll see you on Sunday.

Guaranteed Prize Pools

The only tournaments where you win just by entering — guaranteed prize pools from GamesGrid Poker.

Poker players are always looking for a smart bet, and it's not hard to find here at GamesGrid. Every day, we offer a series of tournaments with guaranteed prize pools — and we set the guarantee high enough that there's almost always a sweet overlay for the players. If you're looking for an edge to fatten your bankroll, look no further.

In the tournament lobby of our software, you'll find a complete listing of our tournament offerings. Whenever you see a dollar amount in the title of a tournament, that's a tournament with a guaranteed prize pool — and that means added value for your buy-in. Just double click on the tournament title to view complete details, register and start cashing today.

Money Added Tournaments

Everyone likes to have a little dead money at the poker table. At GamesGrid, we make sure there's dead money in tournaments by putting it there ourselves in our special money added tournaments.

Each weekend at GamesGrid Poker we run a series of tournaments with a little something extra thrown in — a little something extra we fondly refer to as sweet, sweet cash. Choose from three No Limit tournaments with extra money in the pool, try your hand at a little Omaha, or make a weekend out of it and play the whole circuit. You'll get the great experience of playing GamesGrid tournaments with the extra value of a pumped prize pool.

To view times, buy-ins and complete tournament details, log in to the GamesGrid software and select the 'Tournament' tab in the main lobby. You'll see a full list of all the tournaments running for the week and a bit beyond. If you haven't already downloaded, give it a try — we've got a smooth, unique platform that works for both PCs and Macs.

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