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Our community goals are to provide our members with:
  • The highest quality entertainment on the Internet at a fair and affordable cost.

  • A welcoming environment where people of different genders, nationalities and races can come to enjoy games and conversation.

  • The best place to learn games at all levels. Play, watch, enter tournaments, take lessons, study tutorials, and view expert matches.

 Code of Conduct 
All players on GamesGrid are members of a virtual community. We are like a club where members agree to a standard of conduct to provide a better environment for the membership as a whole. To promote a pleasant experience for everyone, the following behaviors are prohibited:
  • Cheaters and boosters will not be tolerated on GamesGrid.

  • Droppers are discouraged from playing on GamesGrid.

  • Offensive, obscene, vulgar, racist, or hateful slurs will not be permitted on GamesGrid.

  • Targeting other players to distress or embarrassment is harassment and will not be permitted. This includes creating accounts with names that are meant to defame or otherwise harass any player of GamesGrid.

  • GamesGrid is not to be used to send any unauthorized advertising, promotional material or solicitation. Spamming will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

  • GamesGrid will not allow the transfer or posting of any obscene image.

  • GamesGrid respects the privacy of its members. Please do not post other people's phone numbers, addresses, or any other private information.

  • GamesGrid is not to be used to participate in, assist, suggest or encourage any illegal activity.

We reserve the right to cooperate fully with government officials in any investigation related to any content (including e-mail) transmitted on GamesGrid or the activity of any person using GamesGrid.

Any member who seriously violates this code will be barred from the club and forfeit their membership without a refund.

 Important Definitions 
GamesGrid is the best classic games server on the Internet. GamesGrid is a creation of CyberArts, Inc and a talented team of developers located in Berkeley, California USA. It exists to provide a superior gaming environment for the Internet.

System operators who have been selected by GamesGrid to help make GamesGrid a fun place for everyone. They will get involved in disputes and conflicts as needed to help maintain the community. Sysops have the ability and authority to remove members from GamesGrid for violations of the Code of Conduct.

People who lose games to raise another member's rating.

People who boost their rating by winning points from cheaters.

People who intentionally exit a game before it has finished due to the fact that they were in a disadvantageous position. These people do not resume the match after being requested to do so by the opponent.

 Automated Match Resolution Policy 
Unfinished matches are scheduled for Automated Match Resolution (AMR). Money matches are resolved after 10 minutes of inactivity. Non-money matches are resolved after several days of inactivity. See the AMR description for more information.

Use of GamesGrid is at your own risk. We will attempt to enforce the above code of conduct but in no way guarantee or warrant that we shall be successful. GamesGrid will not be held responsible for the content of any posting nor the conduct of any person using GamesGrid.

If you see a posting or witness chat that you believe violates the above code please notify us by e-mail to , or contact any sysop or Gabriella online through private chat.

We encourage and appreciate your help in keeping GamesGrid the best and the most enjoyable place to play games. Your input and suggestions are welcome; send e-mail to , and we will read it, although not every letter can be answered individually. Thank you for supporting GamesGrid and quality content on the Internet.

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