Hi there and THANKS

...for your interest in GamesGrid poker.

We appreciate you playing on our site and repeated play is rewarded in the form of cash paid to your account. You start by playing with your own money, and we'll pay you one-and-a-half big blind sizes per hour at any limit of your choosing, capped at $12/hr. (So, $6/12 Hold 'Em would pay $9/hour; $10/20 Hold 'Em would pay $12/hour.)

VFP payment applies only to ring game play (not tournaments) and you must play at least 10 hours in one week (Monday through Sunday) to qualify for payment. Play over-and-above ten hours is paid by the minute. You may play more than one table at a time to rack up your hours faster.

VFPs are entitled to the 1000% bonus on their initial deposit.

Unlike other sites using "proposition players," we do not require you play at any given table, or limit, at any time. We do require that you treat other players congenially and with respect, and will drop any players from the program who are too dense to be able to be able to follow this basic request of civility.

We reserve the right to change this program at any time.

The VFP program has been wildly successful—beyond our dreams!

We are accepting no new applications at this time.