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Bonus Bucks!

GamesGrid Poker offers the largest bonus payout in the world. Sure we could pay movie stars or professionals to pimp our site, but why give them our money? To be honest, we'd rather give it to our players. Earn a 1000% Bonus (that's 10x) on your first deposit, up to a maximum of a $5000 bonus on a $500 deposit. Yes, really. And yes, you really can earn it.

First deposit money to your GamesGrid account, and choose wisely! The 1,000% bonus applies to your first deposit only (or first deposit after the launch of Poker if you're already a 'Gridder). Then convert those Bonus Bucks to real cold cash by earning Frequent Player Points while playing for money in either raked money games or tournaments with registration fees.

  1. GamesGrid wants to see you earn your bonus! Every day, for every five FPPoints you earn, we give you $1 cash—making it among the fastest earned bonuses on the 'net. And it's not an all-or-nothing Bonus—we pay you $5 at a time, directly to your account, until you've earned your entire bonus, or your unearned dollars reach their expiration date. We convert your FPPoints every day at 01:00 GamesGrid time (same as US Eastern).
  2. Any unearned portion of the bonus is forfeit 365 days after initial deposit. (And honestly, you can't really have had better things to do for a whole year, right?)
  3. Earn Frequent Player Points (FPPs) with each raked hand, according to the following schedule:
    rake points earned
    $0.00 - $0.49 0.00
    $0.50 - $0.99 0.25
    $1.00 - $1.99 0.50
    $2.00 - $2.99 0.75
    $3.00 - 1.00

    If you are dealt cards in a hand and the hand is raked, you receive FPPs. You do not have to put money in the pot yourself. Yet another reason to rejoice when you see action on your table while waiting for your next hand.

    Tournaments are less complicated. You get two bonus points for every dollar you pay in tourney registration fees. For example, a $10+1 tournament would give you two FPPoints.

  4. Only Frequent Player Points earned after your initial deposit will be used to convert your bonus into real money. FPPs earned before your first deposit may be used to enter some tournaments and for other promotions.

Your mileage may vary. Stud games take longer per hand than Hold'em. But short-handed games go much faster than full table games. Remember, any money you convert is yours and yours to keep, regardless of whether you convert your entire bonus. Also note that if you run out of cash, you can re-deposit and still earn against your old bonus. (In your case we sincerely hope this is a purely hypothetical situation.)