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RGP Open
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Red's Ramblings, Event #15 — $20 Limit 2-to-7 Triple Draw Lowball

by Mark "The Red" Harlan

RGP Open Event #15 was a $20, Triple-Draw Lowball tournament. To RGP specification it was 2,000 starting chips and 20 minute rounds.

13 players signed up, and after three-and-a-half hours of play, four of the most hardened were still left: GambleAB (2200 chips), mikedshelton (having a white-hot run, going from 1500 to 14000), thepenguin (2300), and Petoria (7500).

With blinds at 75 and 150, thepenguin got in a capped raising pre-first-draw war with GambleAB, and mikedshelton tagged along for the ride. Gamble and mike drew two, with thepenguin fanning one. Gamble feigned a hand with a bet and drew calls from both players. Gamble went back to the well for two, mike reduced his draw to one, and the tuxedoed one re-drew one as well. Trying to beef-up his pot odds, GambleAB bet yet again into the calling stations of miked and thepenguin — this time all players drew one. When Gamble bet after the ultimate draw, miked raised, getting a fast fold from thepenguin (desperately clutching for third place money), a re-raise from Gamble and a cap to all-in by Mr. Shelton. Gamble was hoping for a pair from his opponent when he showed Q8543. Mike's rough 7 was way too spiky and burst Gamble's bubble, sending him home penniless, and making thepenguin's gambit for at least third successful.

But third was all thepenguin would get. Short-stacked, he waited for the button, and sensing a steal-possible set of blinds, raised for them. Mikedshelton was having none of that, and in one draw of a single card managed a rough 7 to beat thepenguin's multi-attempted queen low; sending him waddling with $52.

This set the stage for mikedshelton with 18000 and Petoria with 8000 to slap each other senseless for an hour. Pet managed to lead after coming back from a 19k to 7k deficit, but only for two hands. Miked then went on a pick-a-card-any-card terror, driving Petoria steeply, then mildly, then forcefully into the ground. The numbers of hands won and lost were roughly equal, but when the pots were big, miked was nearly always on the receiving end.

Petoria got $78 for the psychological abuse, his third money in the RGP Open.

Mikedshelton brought home his first RGP paycheck and at $130, a very tasty piece of pie it was.