Welcome back to GamesGrid Online Backgammon!

This website can be seen as the first-ever online museum, as a historical monument, for the greatest online backgammon server ever existed: Gamesgrid Backgammon!

You can revisit all pages and of both the backgammon and the poker section. You can read through the poker rules, see what poker tournaments there were and there are even some pictures of the software.


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Why GamesGrid was the best online backgammon server ever?

Why GamesGrid was the best online backgammon server ever?
  • The online backgammon of Gamesgrid was so good because:
  • You could see immediately all players who were online and invite them to play
  • Competitive play for both fun and real money
  • Daily many free rolls and real money backgammon tournaments
  • Weekly backgammon leagues
  • You could download your matches and analyze your play
  • Play against bots of all levels
If Gamesgrid would be up and running today it would be still the best online backgammon server and I’m sure it still would be the place to play backgammon.

Backgammon and Poker Guide

Although it's impossible to download the old backgammon or poker server. This website is full of interesting information about backgammon (especially) and poker. The backgammon section is full of information about the backgammon rulesbackgammon strategy, lessons from professional backgammon players, and a backgammon glossary written by former champ Paul Magriel. 

History of GamesGrid

Gamesgrid was launched in 1996 by Cyberarts LTD as the world’s first real money backgammon server. The software was based on the GNU open-source platform.

For 10 years Gamesgrid was the world’s best and most famous grid to play backgammon for real money. The software and gamification of the platform were so good that until today there has never been a backgammon server that has surpassed Gamesgrid's software.

Due to the poker hype between 2003 and 2006 many backgammon players switched over from backgammon to playing poker.  Therefore, Cyberarts changed their focus to online poker instead of to their Backgammon platform. On the 10th of April 2005, Online Poker became available at Gamesgrid.

The Poker room was the beginning of the end. The software was disappointing and couldn’t compete with the at that time other major online poker websites. In February 2007 Gamesgrid stopped accepting US Players and on 26 February 2008, the company announced that Gamesgrid Backgammon and Poker would shut down their services.

I spoke to the old owner at a conference where he told me he didn't see a future in online backgammon and he was going to focus on building an online casino, or something in this area. 

In April 2008 the old site was shut down and the domain was purchased by Game account. Gamesgrid was no more... and now almost 25 years later there is still not a decent replacement for what once was the place to play backgammon.

The Game Account Era

After Gamesgrid there were many parties who attempted to take over the backgammon market however nobody ever accomplished what Games grid once was. 
The game account Gamesgrid was a flop and backgammon players mostly moved to other platforms, but it never became the same. In 2011 the Game Account's version went offline after it never really became a success. 

Gamesgrid Backgammon

Online backgammon was an important element of the website. There is still a complete backgammon strategy guide and a glossary written by the famous Paul Magriel. When you want to visit the online backgammon part of the website, please click here

Gamesgrid Poker

Although online poker never reached the success of backgammon at Gamesgrid, there is a huge part of this website dedicated to poker. Think about explanations of different games, strategies, and tournament setups. When you want to visit the online poker part of the website, please click here

Online Casino

Besides poker and backgammon, the most played money games are played in casinos. In the old days, you had to visit Las Vegas or Monte Carlo to gamble but nowadays you can play all your favorite casino games online on the internet. A so-called online live casino is very popular and slowly taking over the whole world. The most played games are roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and video slots. All these games you can play in online casinos. Especially the live casino parts in the online casinos are very refreshing and popular. Games like lightning roulette, monopoly live, and crazy times are the newest type of casino games slowly taking over the world. If you are interested in playing online casinos and only if it's legal in your country you should take a look at our online casino page. 

Solitaire Games

Did you know one of the most played games in the world is Solitaire? You know the card game Microsoft released in 1998 as part of their windows software? Up till today, it's played by many players all over the world. Recently Microsoft reported that there are still monthly over 65 million players who play solitaire. There is also an online casino version of Solitaire which is called Las Vegas Solitaire. Here you buy a deck of cards for 52$ and you get paid 5$ for every card you play to the foundation. For more information about Solitaire and solitaire for real money visit Vegas Solitaire or play Solitaire for fun here without stakes. 

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Backgammon Guide
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Backgammon Strategy
Glossary (by Paul Magriel)
Backgammon FAQ (tip)
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Poker Guide
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Seven-Card Stud High-Low (8)
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