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RGP Open
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Red's Ramblings, Event #19 — $30+Rebuys No-Limit Texas Hold 'Em

by Mark "The Red" Harlan

RGP Open #19 was a super-satellite for the Main Event RGP Open #20.

Custom built to RGP specs, the $30 entry (with no registration fee) would get you 1,500 in starting chips with 15 minute rounds. Re-buys of 1,500 chips were available for $30, with a single add-on of 1,500 for another $30.

Eight people were trying to qualify and after a fast 80 minutes, four were left vying for the three RGP Main Event spots: elg26 (8500), FellKnight (10,400), fairytails (8400) and andrewr (2700).

With a 25 chip ante and blinds of 100/200, andrewr made an all-in move against FellKnight on an ace-high rainbow flop; which was quickly demurred by Fell and caused everyone play on.

Not for long.

Two hands later, andrew triple-raised from the button, getting an all-in push from FellKnight in return. Andrewr, thought and called, flipping over a suited A 7. Fell smugly revealed his presto 55. A rainbow set of upcards missed both players entirely, sending andrew home to contemplate his game, and leaving the other three tasting victory.

Elg, Fell, and fairy all qualified, but played on.

Fairytails was beaten out when his flopped trip kings were first beaten by elg26's turned trip aces. He flew deeper into the Haunted Woods when those bullets turned to quads on the river.

Elg26 went down when he over-bet his flop-pairing fours, only to see that FellKnight had hit two-pair on the same set of cards. Victory left Fell to first exclaim, "I Win!!!" followed by the (presumably Canadian), "Eye of the PPIGOEN!"

At one hour, 45 minutes, it was the shortest tournament of the Open, and sets three players head-long for Saturday's Main Event.