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GamesGrid is proud to offer the best guaranteed instantaneous money settlement service for Internet games. To join in the fun, you need to do three simple things:
  1. Download and install the GamesGrid software.

  2. Review the fees for backgammon and gin rummy for this service, then complete the Terms and Conditions agreement.

  3. Make a secure deposit to your account.

When you have completed these steps, you can make wagers on your games or matches and know that the funds will be in the winner's account the second that the last checker is taken off. You can see your account balance and account history at any time by clicking View/Jackpot Account.

And when you're ready to make a withdrawal from your account, click here.

Questions? You can read more about the GamesGrid E-Jackpots program in our FAQ.

Thank you for visiting GamesGrid and welcome to the highest-quality games club on the Internet.

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