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 I keep losing my connection. What should I do? 
The network quality meter, located in the lower right corner of the GamesGrid client, indicates the quality of your connectivity to GamesGrid over the Internet. If there are problems with the GamesGrid service itself, we will let you know online, and on the server status page.

The meter is a VU-style progressive bar chart. The meter readings may be interpreted as follows (ping times are roundtrip times between you and our server):

meter  ping (ms)  interpretation 
0-150  Extremely fast. This is the expected speed for cable, xDSL, and T1 connections. 56K connections will see these speeds occasionally.
150-300  Very fast. This is the expected speed for 56K connections. 33K and 28K connections will see these speeds frequently.
300-450  Fast. This is the expected speed for 33K and 28K connections.
450-600  Very good.
600-750  Pretty good.
750-900  Good.
900-1050  Poor.
1050-1200  Very poor.
1200-1350  Bad.
1350-1500  Very bad.
1500+  Very, very bad.

The meter reading is refreshed every 10 seconds.

Note that the quality of your connection to your ISP, the quality of their connection to the network backbones, and the quality of all paths between them and GamesGrid will have an impact on the speed of your connection.

If your connectivity is less than optimal for your modem speed and location, then somewhere on the Internet between your computer and the GamesGrid server conditions are less than optimal, and the highly interactive connections required for a pleasant game experience are not being maintained.

If network connectivity problem persist, use ping and traceroute to help isolate the source of the problem.

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