Sweet September $5000 Giveaway

The qualifications for the Sweet September tournament are done. All that's left now is the big battle at the end of the week — on September 30, at 21:00 GGT (same as US Eastern) the Main Event Freeroll will take place. Click here for a list of qualifiers.

In order to qualify, 'Gridders had to finish in the top 25 of five different categories according to: (1) the number of raked hands, (2) frequent player points earned at low and medium stakes, (3) frequent player points earned at high stakes; as well as (4) the number of tournament entry points, and (5) the number of tournament performance points earned.

By winning a leaderboard for any week, players earned $50. The first time a 'Gridder placed on the leaderboard, they earned 1500 chips for the tournament. Every additional leaderboard place was worth another 300 on online casinos.

170 people have qualified, and the very top of the heap is VegasVixen with a tower of 6300 chips. At the bottom of the range sit almost 50 people with 1500 chips. Every one of them have a shot at $4000 in prizes, with the gem in the crown being $1000 for first.

Good luck to all!

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