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 What are GamesGrid leagues? 
GamesGrid Backgammon leagues offer more fun with less work for you. Because our league play is completely integrated into the game server, we do the scoring and reporting automatically as soon as the games are finished. No more tedious reporting for winners or losers. Just sign up and play the games, and we'll take care of the rest! GamesGrid supports many different leagues, with different conditions-of-contest. Be sure to review the conditions-of-contest before signing up for a league.

 What are the league rules? 
You can read the league rules by selecting the button on the league page.

 How do I join a league? 
Go to your own Player Information page, which can be done by selecting the blue Info icon. Press the button at the bottom. Choose the League tab located across the top to bring up a list of the leagues. Press the button located in front of each league that you want to join. You will be placed on the waiting list of each league you join. If there is space available in the league, you will enter a division and begin play in the next play period. Otherwise, you will remain on the waiting list.

 How do I navigate in the league pages? 
To see a list of all divisions in a league, click on the league name. To see a list of the players in a division, click on the name of that division (division names are colors). To see a list of the leagues that you have joined, and your standings, click on the 'myLeagues' button located on the top left. To see players you have played and your results, click on your nickname. You may look at previous sessions and standings by bringing up a division, selecting a player, and then selecting previous, just above list.

 How do I add league opponents to my friends list? 
You may add all pending opponents to your friends list at one time, by bringing up your results page and selecting the button located under the list of names. You may delete these players from your friends list as you complete your matches with them.

 What if my league opponent doesn't want to play? 
Players do not have to be available to play at your request, but we expect players to complete all of their league matches within each two-week play period. If you are having trouble getting someone to play, send them a GridMessage and suggest some times when you are available to play your match. If your opponent refuses to play, copy the messages or chat to your league administrator. League administrators can assign forfeits in documented cases of refusal to play.

 How do I talk to my league administrator? 
Click the button located at the top of any league's web page. You will find a mail link for each league administrator on the main league page. You may also open a chat with your administrator when you find them online.

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