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 Interpreting Rules 
The Backgammon Tournament Rules and Procedures cannot, and should not, regulate all possible situations that may occur during a game. No set of rules should deprive the Directors of their freedom of judgment or prevent them from finding a solution that is FAIR and compatible with the circumstances of a particular case.

All entries must be members of GamesGrid upon entry into each backgammon tournament and entries are subject to the approval of the Tournament Director. Reasons for exclusion need not be stated. Where more than one Tournament Division exists, an entrant may be restricted from playing in a lower division.

 Assistance During Play 
Once a match is in progress, neither player may use electronic, mechanical, or written aids (e.g., Snowie, Jellyfish, GnuBG, or backgammon books), to assist in the play of the match. In addition, neither player may receive assistance from another person in the play of the match. Violations will result in automatic forfeit of the match.

Spectators must remain silent while observing a match. Spectators have no right to draw attention to any misplays or comments on plays. A player may request the Officials/Director to bar one or more spectators from viewing their match and if necessary direct the player to gag (remove) the observer from the match.


 Conditions of Tournament Match Play 
All participants must be members throughout the entire duration of the backgammon tournament to be eligible to win. All matches must be rated.

 Slow Play 
Players are expected to play at a reasonable pace. Officials/Director may warn a slow player and if need be a time clock may be used to monitor excessively slow matches unless the cause is due to server or internet problems. Unless extenuating circumstances occur, all matches must be completed in one session.

Officials/Director may appoint a monitor to observe a match on his/her own initiative, or at the request of a player. The monitor shall have full powers to protect each player against the opponent's irregularities.

 Location of Play 
All matches to be played on GamesGrid.

 Announcement Of Matches 
Round matchups with start date/time will be sent by e-mail prior to the start of each round to each player and in addition, will be posted on the individual tournament bracket for that particular round. Matches must be completed by the time date/time set by the Tournament Officials/Director. It is up to each player to contact his/her opponent by GridMessage or online and to finish the round in the allocated time. Requests for time extensions, forfeiture due to non-show of the opponent will be made by the Officials/Tournament Director only. No one is allowed to record a win without actually having played and won a match.

 Scheduled Matches 
Players must make every effort to be ready to play their match at the scheduled time chosen by both players in the match. If either player repeatedly is not available at the scheduled time to play their match, it will be the Official's/Director's discretion to make a ruling to forfeit that player.

Games must be rolled and played to completion so that the results are showing in the player's match record. No game may be canceled and replayed or settled. Matches must be played to the appointed length.

 Beginning Match Play 
Before starting any matches, players must first confirm with each other that the match is being played as part of the Official GamesGrid designated Tournament and agree upon the designated length of the match.

 Reporting Results 
The final score shall be reported electronically on our web page by the match-winner. Director/officials can verify and post a correct result if need be. In the event, the web page forms are unavailable results shall be reported by e-mail to .

If a player is unable to play their match by the date and time of the deadline and has not contacted the Official/Director of the tournament, he/she may be forfeited.

If a player is sent an e-mail by an Official/Director and the e-mail is returned as undeliverable, it is the discretion of the Officials/Director to forfeit the player from the tournament. If a player has a chance to their e-mail address, they MUST notify the Director of their change.

The Crawford rule will apply to all matches. When a player reaches match point (e.g., 8 points in a 9 point match), the doubling cube will be out of play for one game. In subsequent games following the Crawford game, the cube may be turned at the first legal opportunity. Jacoby Rule, Holland Rule, Beavers, Raccoons, and auto doubles are not allowed.


 Dispute Resolution 
To assist in determining rulings on disputes, it is advisable for all players to record their matches. If a dispute arises between two opponents during a match, every effort must be made to contact an Official/ Director. If they are not available, the match then must be recorded and the player/players must e-mail an Official/Director and continue the match at a later date when a ruling has been made by an Official/ Director.

Any player may argue issues of fact or rule. Spectators, except to report cheating, may testify only at Director's request.

A player may appeal the Official/Director's ruling but must do so promptly, while timely redress may still be obtained. To resolve an appeal, the Official/Director shall convene a Committee of three knowledgeable and disinterested backgammon players/tournament directors. The Committee shall hear relevant testimony and arguments and may overturn the Tournament Director's ruling by majority decision. This exhausts the player's right to an appeal.

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