Poker Basics: Table Stakes

Like poker played in casinos, GamesGrid Poker is played according to table stakes.

This means:

  1. A player may not bring new chips to the table while a hand is in play. Chip requests are only honored once a hand is completed.

  2. A player may not cash chips out from a table without giving up her seat.

  3. A player is never at risk for more chips than he has on the table at the start of a hand.

  4. A player cannot be forced out of a hand by a bet, no matter the size.

  5. A player committing all his chips to the pot is considered all-in, and can win only that portion of the pot that he has matched.

Let's take a detailed example:

At the start of the hand, Pride has $200, Envy has $300, Greed has $500, and Sloth has $20.

Pride is under the gun, and is dealt KK. He raises to $50. Envy calls, Greed calls, and Sloth calls all-in for his last $20. There is a total of $170 in the pot, which is divided into an $80 center pot ($20 each from Pride, Envy, Greed, and Sloth), and a $90 side pot ($30 each from Pride, Envy, and Greed). The flop comes K 9 3 rainbow (three different suits).

Pride checks, trying to keep his face under control. Then he remembers that he's playing on the Internet, and shouts out a big "OH-yeah!"

Envy bets $100 of her remaining $250.

Greed moves all-in for his remaining $450.

Sloth is already all-in and just watches. His only concern is the $80 central pot.

The bet to Pride is $450 and he has $150 left. He calls all-in for $150.

Envy sighs, sighs again, and folds. She can no longer win any portion of any pot. She sighs a third time, just for the drama of it all.

Greed has bet $450 and Pride called all-in for $150. There is no possible further action, so Greed's outstanding $300 is returned to him.

The table as it stands:

  • There is a center pot of $80 that may be won by Pride, Sloth, or Greed.

  • There is a side pot of $490 ($90 from the first round, Envy's $100, Greed's $150 and Pride's $150) that may be won by Pride or Greed.

  • Envy has $150, Greed has $300, Pride and Sloth are all-in.
The turn and river are the 5 of diamonds, and the 9 of spades.
Greed turns over AA for two-pair, Aces over 9's.
Sloth turns over 99 for quad Nines. He wins the $80 center pot.
Pride turns over KK for Kings full of Nines. He wins the $490 side pot.
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