Frequently Asked Questions

Connection Troubleshooting

I cannot get connected. What should I do?
Check that you have an active internet connection, and that your firewall or internet security products are correctly configured to allow GamesGrid to access the Internet. Reboot your computer, and reconnect to the Internet. If the problem persists, contact with details of what is happening, along with any error messages you get. Precise details are important to resolve your situation quickly.

I get a "nickname does not exist" message. What should I do?
Try again, and be sure that you are typing your nickname correctly. Inactive accounts are deleted on a regular basis. Send E-mail to to verify that your account exists.

I get a "cannot connect to database" message. What should I do?
The GamesGrid Poker login service may have lost connection to the database and cannot verify your Nickname and password. GamesGrid staff monitor the servers, and they have probably already been notified and are working to resolve the problem. Wait a few minutes, and try again.

I get an "unable to connect" message. What should I do?
Wait a few minutes, and try again. Network connectivity problems occur occasionally. Usually they are resolved quickly (the network administrators like their networks to be available to traffic).

Sometimes during play, the connection seems to get interrupted or the game starts to go really slow. Why is this?

The quality of your connection to your ISP, the quality of their connection to the Internet backbones, and the quality of all paths between them and GamesGrid will have an impact on the speed of your connection. If your connectivity is less than optimal for your modem speed and location, then somewhere on the Internet — between your computer and the GamesGrid server in Malta — conditions are less than optimal, and the highly interactive connections required for a pleasant game experience are not being maintained.

I keep losing my connection. What should I do?
Try rebooting your computer and log in to GamesGrid with no other programs open. If you find the problem has cleared up, try opening your usual programs again one by one.

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