Frequently Asked Questions


Does GamesGrid have tournaments?
Yes. Select the "Tournaments" tab on the Poker Lobby.

Free or money tournaments?
The buy-in for each tournament is listed on the "Tournaments" tab and in the tournament lobby. Tournaments that don't cost any money to enter are listed as Freerolls.

Where can I find the tournaments?
Click on the Tournaments tab in the main lobby. To go to the lobby for a particular tournament, click it in the list and then click the "Go to tournament lobby" button.

Can I customize my preferences of the tournaments I'd like to play?
Yes. You can customize your preferences by checking the small bent arrows and opening the check boxes under

  • Games
  • Buy In
  • Tourney Size
  • Limit Type (We call these choices, "filters.")

Check the boxes of your preference under each tab. The list of tournaments will change instantly as you make your filter selections. Your filter settings are automatically saved between Poker sessions.

How do I know what time the tournaments are?
The scheduled start time for each tournament is shown in the list when the "Tournaments" tab is selected, and in the tournament lobby for each particular tournament. On-demand tournaments (those that start whenever people want to play) will show "Need Players". All times shown are GamesGrid Time (GGT), which is the same as United States Eastern time (and observes their same daylight savings).

How do I know what are the prizes for each tournament?
A prize breakdown will be shown on the tournament page in the bottom left window. As the number of players registered for the tournament changes, the prize amounts will change accordingly.

How do I register for a tournament?
After selecting the tournament you want to participate in, click on the "go to tournament lobby" button. Click on "register" and you will see a window asking you to confirm your buy-in (or just confirming your entry for freerolls). If you have not logged in, you will have to log in first and then register.

How do I know which players joined a tournament?
Go to the Tournament Lobby of the tournament you're interested in. The list of players registered for the tournament is in the top left window. By clicking on any column title, you can sort players by rank, name or chip standing.

How can I find the table I am playing in a tournament?
Players are automatically transferred to, and seated at, their tables upon tournament start. If you highlight your name, you will see the table number you are playing at in the top right window. To see which players are also at your table, highlight the table to get the names list in the right bottom window. As in a regular poker game, when it is your turn to act, you will have play options such as check, bet, raise, call or fold.

Are observers allowed in tournaments?
Observers may watch any tournament table by selecting the table in the tournament lobby and then clicking on "go to table." Players not in the tournament are welcome to watch.

How can I see the tournament progress?
At any point in the tournament, players can check the tournament lobby for information about players' stack sizes.

If I want to leave a tournament before it starts, what happens to the buy-in I paid?
You need to "Unregister" before the tournament starts. Click on the Tournaments tab, select the tournament you're signed up for, and click "Unregister." Once registration has closed, it is not possible to withdraw from a tournament and receive a refund of your buy-in.

Can I play a side game and a tournament at the same time?
Yes. You can play in as many tournaments and ring games simultaneously as you'd like.

Can I play two tournaments at one time?
Yes. You may play in as many simultaneous tournaments as you'd like.

What happens to my hand if I get disconnected while I am in a tournament?
If you are disconnected from the table, your hand will folded and you will be sat out. You will post your blinds in-turn until you return to the table.

I was disconnected and had to reboot. Am I still able to go back to the tournament?
Yes. When you log back in to GamesGrid Poker you will automatically be returned to your tournament seat.

What happens if I miss the tournament?
At the start of each tournament, fees are collected, so if you know you're not going to play, login and withdraw your registration before it starts. If you register for a tournament, but fail to play, you will forfeit both your buy in and registration fee.

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