Frequently Asked Questions

Starting Games...the Basics

How many games can I play at the same time?
As many as you like. We do not limit the number of games that you can play at one time.

How can I set up my screen to play two or three tables at once?
Because each game table is in a separate window, you can arrange the individual table screens in any way that is comfortable for viewing. Using a larger screen resolution may help if your computer supports it.

How can I buy chips?
When you sit down at a table, the controls for buying chips are shown automatically. Later, you may click on the "Get more chips" button (with a picture of a chip stack) above the chat area. Either use the slider or type in an amount, then click "Buy Chips". For game play, you are automatically given 1000 chips for free. In order to buy chips at a money table, you must have first made a deposit with the GamesGrid Cashier.

How do I bring more chips to the table without leaving my seat?
Click on the "Get more chips" button (with a picture of a chip stack) above the chat area, and type in the amount you want. *Note: any chips you buy will be added to your stack at the end of the current hand. In tournaments you are not allowed to buy more chips.

Why can't I buy more chips at a table?
To buy more chips at a table, you must have enough money in your account that is not in use at another poker table or backgammon match. You may visit the cashier to see how much money you have in your account. For free games, you will be automatically granted enough free chips to bring your free chip balance to 1000 only if you have less than 1000 free chips total, counting any you have at the tables.

In tournaments you get only a set number of chips for the tourney. Once you lose all of your chips, you are out of that tournament.

How can I raise the bet?
When seated and playing at a table on the bottom right of the screen, there are large action buttons. When it is your turn to play, the action buttons appear with all of your playing options. In no-limit the "raise" button appears only when it's your turn to act and you may either type in the amount you'd like to raise, or use the slider. In fixed-limit you may choose to raise before it's your turn.

How can I call a bet?
When seated and playing at a table on bottom right of the screen, there are large action buttons. When it is your turn to play, the action buttons appear with all of your playing options.

How can I fold?
When seated and playing at a table on bottom right of the screen, there are large action buttons. When it is your turn to play, the action buttons appear with all of your playing options.

What is "Check/Fold"?
Before it's your turn to act, you may see a "Check/Fold" button. Clicking this means you will fold if someone bets in front of you, but check if no one does. Other players do not know you have chosen "Check/Fold;" they see your action only as a check.

What does Big Blind mean?
A big blind is an initial mandatory bet, in games of Hold'em and Omaha Poker, which is posted by the player two seats to the left of the Dealer in a clockwise fashion (or by the non-dealer in a head's-up game). The big blind is equal to the table's lower betting limit.

What does post mean?
Placing chips in the pot for a mandatory blind bet.

How do I know how much money is in the pot?
The amount of the pot is always shown at the center of the table. The total of the full pot and all current bets is shown in the upper left.

How can I post blinds automatically?
Click the "Automatically post blinds" light at the bottom right of the table, and it will automatically post the forced bets for players. You should un-click this light if you're getting ready to leave a table, so you aren't forced into a hand that you don't wish to play.

How do I hold and discard cards in draw games?
In games where you draw cards, you select the cards you want to discard by clicking on them. After making your choices, click on the "Draw" button at the right side of the screen.

Can I sit out for a little while without quitting the game? How?
Yes. Above the chat dialog you can click on the "Sit out" button (it looks like a "pause" button on a VCR/DVD player). This allows you to take a break from the action. If you click this button during a hand, you will be sitting out after that hand finishes. You are allowed to sit out for three orbits of the dealer button, or ten minutes, whichever is more. If you are automatically removed from a game for sitting out too long, your chips will be converted back to cash in your GamesGrid account.

If you sit out of a tournament, you will continue pay your blind bets in turn and be dealt cards; your cards will be automatically folded when it would be your turn to act.

I was sitting out, how can I rejoin the game?
Click on the "I'm back" button or click the "Sit out" button at the top (it looks like a "pause" button on a VCR/DVD player).

Does the software allow me to muck the winning hand?

A hand is "mucked," when it is folded and thrown to the center of a poker table. One of the beauties of online poker is it's impossible to muck a winning hand — if you have a winner, you will be paid.

What is "Auto-muck hands"?
This feature mucks your losing hands and winning hands that were not called by any other player, without showing it to other players.

What should I do if Poker freezes?
First check to be sure you still have connection to the Internet. Launch a Web browser and do a Backgammon for anything to see if you get a response. If you have no internet connection, that's the underlying problem — take the normal action you would to connect to the 'net.

If you do have an internet connection, but GamesGrid Poker appears to be frozen, you should quit Poker and then re-launch it. You will automatically be cashed out of any ring games you were playing. For tournaments, you'll keep posting blinds in turn, until you get back to the game.

In order to prevent abuse of "all-in protection" by players disconnecting in the middle of contentious hands, if you get disconnected while you are playing in a hand, you will be folded.

Something happened to the game and I couldn't bet. Why was my hand folded?
You could have been timed-out of a hand. When you hear a "bong" and are in the spotlight, it is your turn to play. If you do not make your betting decision before time expires, your hand will be folded. A second warning sound plays when you have a few seconds left to act.

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